Truly Psychic

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Skype/Phone Readings 

(in person available if you are in Visalia Ca)

Hour any question you have and Angel Cards $100.00 USD

30 minutes any questions you have and Angel Card Reading $65.00 USD

Please include your phone number and name.  I will call you within 24 hours of your confirmed payment to set your appointment.  Thank you.  If you need to reach me please email me at [email protected] 

Angel Card Readings

Email Questions and Angel Card Readings

5 Questions and Angel Card Reading Via Email $40.000 Questions and Angel Card Reading Via Email $50.00
Pick your reading

Services are for adults 18 years of age & older

For Entertainment purposes only

Every effort is made to provide you with a connection with your loved ones

Truly Psychic is not liable for any direct, indirect or damages of any kind from using Truly Psychic's site or its outcome from a Reading

The information received should not be used in place of any other recommendation by your doctor, psychiatrist or any other professional counselors

Truly Psychic is not liable for providing information regarding any questions & situations  related to your legal/business matters, medical and or mental disorders

Truly Psychic HIGHLY recommends those in need of this type of advice they are to seek help/advice from a Licensed professional from lawyers, medical doctors & counselors.