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Natural Psychic - Medium - Empath - Reiki Master - Life Coach -Paranormal Investigator
I am a Spiritualist
A proud warrior of the Spiritual badge


Thank you anna!!! :))) Was short but helped alot thank you again, brilliant reading :) xx Jodyleelee, cumbria, Uk

I had an excellent over the top reading with her before and she doesn't seem to get energies confused as far as different lovers and present and future. All other psychics seem to get that confused. If you have many energies around you.. she can so ground that. Period!!!! katharazz, Garland

Wow, awesome! yasamananisi, kualaumpur

Great reading! So helpful! 5 star! myeyesee, philadelphia

Her accuracy is off the charts! Thanks Anna for the insights. ikroyal, nz

Very lovely lady. Tuned right into my situation. Would definitely see her again. Awaiting some predictions. bacidoll, massachusetts

She is very great and to the point, give her a try! roxieraynor, memphis

Anna was very real in in the way that she answered doubts. She gave the answer for the choices of both roads in regard to specific issues. However, she knew these issues straight up front before I told her. My issues are crazy and she knew. She did not judge at all. On top of all this she gave insight for the future and what I could or could not do with it. EXCELLENT READING!!!!! katharazz, Dallas

Thank you, thank you! Great reading, lots of love and God bless you. tatianasmile, uk

Great energy, accurate reader, wish i could spend more time with her. 10 Stars! JBee01, br

Thank you for a beautiful reading.. Was lovely to hear from my father in spirit world. Proof was 100% Thank you for guidance. 5 star! isiah2, Greenock

Great reading thank you mancrm, nj

The greatest !!!!!! lolypok, florida

Wow... this was a really great reading. I really dig her perspective. She told me I need to let go of fear. And to hold on to what I really want. I will. StartCeo, Atlanta

Thank you for your help I will try and help. Thank you. staceythompwson, pa

I am in tears knowing that my Papa, my Aunt Maria and my and Adam's child is with me every day watching over me. I look forward to November-December when Adam will contact me finally for us to talk after not hearing from him nor seeing him since May. Its been such a struggle for me to be patient, but you have helped me such a great deal with guiding me through this difficult time I've been going through till Adam and I successfully reconnect and reunite our relationship. Thank you so very much for your patience, understanding, kindness and empathy. You are truly a wonderful friend and I look forward to reading with you again as we travel this long road towards Adam and I reuniting and rebuilding our relationship for us to make us last together.


First time speaking with Anna. I found Anna to be professional, kind and  very thorough. She dug in deeply to make sure she understood me without asking alot of questions. I feel she was on target and am anxious to see when the predictions come around (which should be soon). Call her. I feel she does a wonderful job and she is so kind and pleasant. She really will NOT waste your money. Thank you Anna


I have known Anna Campbell for a number of years.She and I founded the Tulare County Paranormal Society together and she has been in the Paranormal field for years.She is a very gifted Psychic/ Medium/ Channeler who does private readings, as well as mediumship events.I highly recommend her.

Norene Pztv

I have known Anna Campbell for many years.......she is a gifted Psychic/Medium/Channeler and a very Professional paranormal researcher. She is respected in the paranormal community and I highly recommend her.


I met Anna for the first time early in 2011, when I attended a spiritual circle which she and another medium were hosting. I have never gone to such an event before and really had no idea what to expect.I recieved an astonishing reading that has given me more peace and comfort than anything else since the death of my son.

I have also attended a meditation group and another medium spiritual small group in which Anna was the facilitator. Anna takes her abilities very serious and I regard her as a professional with a high level of integrity.

David Baker

I highly recommend Anna Campbell. She is ethical, honest, kind hearted and has exceptional psycical abilities. I have witnessed some of her readings. 


Very Good Lady recomend her for the position.


I've known Anna a couple years now having met her on an online paranormal show.  Her and I share the same ideas on the paranormal and investigating.She knows her stuff involving the paranormal and would refer any case in her area to her.


I highly recommend Anna Campbell as a trustworthy person.I have known her for two years and was trained in paranormal investigation by her. I have always been very impressed with her abilities.